Chilla Chilla Roo: My Bouncy Friend

When shopping, my eyes tend to lock onto anything green or orange, so when I saw this green chilla chilla, I thought ‘great, a nice compliment to my orange one!’ On closer inspection, I realised he was some kind of green kangaroo. Perfect. I had a character once who was a green kangaroo! Bought him for 99p! Bargain.

Kangaroo chilla chilla furby wannabe fake Chillazoo trendmasters

He was sold as not working but when I sussed out his perplexing battery arrangement, he spoke! He said things like ‘I’m ya bouncy friend!’ ‘G’day mate’ ‘Kanga kanga rooo!’ Only problem was his lack of bouncing.

Once I’d started work on my bouncy friend I began to wish I hadn’t. He sat in my workshop, my living room and almost my bin for weeks before he was finally restored to his cheap n nasty glory.

First I had to fix the abomination I’d previously assumed was a former repair (on inspection, it most likely wasn’t). It should have been easy but it turned out to be a bit of a mission trying to solder wire to an infernal springy bit that was possibly created to amuse the gods as they watched me fumble. Tongue out and feeling accomplished I noticed that all the twisting and messing about had pulled out one of the furry frankenroo’s speaker wires. Arrg. Ok, fine, I’ll just solder it back on later…

inside chilla chilla roo furbot toy

The main problem with this bouncy guy was that the motor was running but the thin belt was slipping and the toy’s bouncy runner appeared to be stuck. I tried all sorts of things assuming it was getting stuck to the sides but nothing helped. The horologist in me smiled as I gladly opened his modest gear box. FLUFF! Seriously, the little bastard had me farting about for days to find that his bouncing had been put to an end by this menace to furbotz worldwide!

fluff gearbox toy

Fluff out and bouncing violently, my bouncy friend delivered a blow that almost sent him to furbot heaven. The copper wires of his tiny speaker severed as they broke free from the solder connections after one wild bounce into something magnetic. Damn it! After a few more weeks lying dangerously close to the bin, a friendly telephone gladly donated its external speaker (among other nice bits and bobs). A perfect fit!

Bouncing mechanism

Here’s my bouncy friend in action!

Trendmasters 1999

If you have any more information about this toy’s official name, please let me know. Pictures of one of these guys in the original packaging would be great too! =)


~ by Furbotz on 02/02/2012.

One Response to “Chilla Chilla Roo: My Bouncy Friend”

  1. Believe it or not..I just found a brand new one (in box) at an estate sale in New Jersey….

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